Our Saturday Academy is for all boys and girls under 8 who wish to have some fun and learn how to play hurling and camogie. Our excellent coaches are second to none and they will help each child on their journey to learning the skills necessary to play and having great fun on the way. Hurls and helmets will be provided so come along and have some fun.

Some of the fun games that will be played are

Pass the guards: This is fun and also teaches the younger players how to pass the sliotar in match situations and to work together.
Cups and saucers: This is a great way to teach each player to be part of a team. Team work is so important in a sport like Hurling and camogie, everyone works together to have a good game.
Flick the flies: This fun game teaches the player to be first to ball
Flick and catch: Teaches the player hand eye coordination to be able to catch the sliotar.
Rob the nest: Teaches the players to work as a team, and gives them confidence to believe they to can go for the sliotar
Out and back: Teaches the players how to keep control of the sliotar.

Arklow Rocks Saturday Academy is normally held on our Pitch Saturday Morning 10-11am from March to October. If the weather is wet we may sometimes move to St Marys Pitch. Please keep an eye on our Social Media and we will let you know if we have to move.


Unfortunately due to the pitch being a bit waterlogged we moved our Saturday Academy back to St Marys.


Our Saturday Academy was finally on our Home Pitch. Everyone had a great time getting back to our home turf.


What a difference a week makes, we are all happy to be training on the top pitch and hopefully we will be back to our gorgeous playing pitch next week. Lets get Hurling!


Our Academy is still being held in St Marys and we are very thankful for being allowed use it. Hopefully we will make it back to our own lovely pitch soon. We had great fun on Saturday all the boys and girls made sure their coaches were up for the job and learnt lots of skills using their hurls


Unfortunately the weather has not been kind this week and the Academy had to be cancelled


Our Boys and Girls from our Saturday Academy has joined us to celebrate Easter and of course eat loads of Easter Eggs


We had great fun on our first day back after a long winter:

Delighted to see so many enthusiastic hurling and camogie players enjoy their training session this morning… even the sun came along! 🌞

A very warm welcome to lots of new faces 💚